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In The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code, most of the students are trying stranger and stranger clothing styles, including one wearing a tiny miniskirt that prompts Miss Glitch to send her home to change. This prompts vice principal Mervyn “Bullhorn” Grizzmeyer to try to institute a school dress code, which the students promptly rebel against through Loophole Abuse, up until Mr. Grizzmeyer sets the rules as “If I don’t like your outfit, you go home and change”. The matter is ultimately settled by a public debate with Mr. Grizzmeyer, Miss Glitch and Papa Bear on one side and the cubs on the other, which the cubs (Brother in particular) win without saying a single word: they simply show three slides they got from Grizzly Gran (Papa’s mother), Mrs. Grizzmeyer (Mr. Grizzmeyer’s wife) and Miss Glitch’s mother of the adult trio in various bizarre outfits, including Papa in bellbottoms and Mr. Grizzmeyer in a zoot suit and a wide brimmed hat. The dress code is promptly discontinued, and having made their point, the students largely abandon their stranger outfits for more normal ones.

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Replica Handbags Batman Gambit: Jeeves is the master of the Gambit, based on what he calls “the psychology of the individual.” Beach Bury: In the episode where Bertie is staying by the seaside and his aunt’s necklace gets stolen, there’s a scene that opens with Bertie already buried, which hampers his ability to run away from the girl of the week when she shows up. One can only assume that he asked Jeeves to bury him. Bedsheet Ladder: Subverted. Gussie wanted to use Bertie’s sheet to escape. Bertie refused to let him, as much because it wouldn’t work as because he didn’t want his sheets dirty and knotted. Berserk Button: Timid, wobbly Gussie Fink Nottle cannot abide anyone messing with his newts. When Sir Watkyn, his would be father in law, washes them down the tub, Gussie calls him an unmitigated ass. Don’t try to get rude with or cheat on Madeline unless you’re sure Spode will not find out. Big Eater: Tuppy Glossop Big “NO!”: Sir Watkyn Bassett, upon learning of Bertie and Madeleine’s “engagement”. “Blackmail” Is Such an Ugly Word: Set up and then averted in “A Plan for Gussie”, when Bertie is trying to retrieve Gussie’s notebook (which is full of hateful observations on Roderick Spode and Sir Watkyn Bassett) from Stephanie. Rockmetteller from meeting him:note (banging on the door, muffled voice can be heard) Replica Handbags

wholesale replica designer handbags Dragon Ball Super has Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. While his apprentice Zamasu is firmly convinced that mortals are Always Chaotic Evil and the gods’ inaction in their affairs is a sin, Gowasu is willing to look past this and teach him because, in his words, Zamasu is pure hearted with a strong sense of justice. Even after Zamasu cuts down an inhabitant of Planet Babari rather than just walking away, this being right after Zamasu openly suggested that they just wipe out all of the Babarians and be done with it, Gowasu is still willing to believe the best in him and believes that after their visit and his subsequent lecture over the Babarian’s death, Zamasu has finally learned his lesson. It’s only when Goku, Beerus, and Whis save him from being murdered by Zamasu and expose his plans to wipe out all mortal life that Gowasu is forced to acknowledge just how evil Zamasu really is. Even then, he genuinely believes that going to the future to scold Zamasu and give him a Last Second Chance will actually work; one would think that after everything he’s heard about the atrocities Zamasu has committed in the future and even seeing the results with his own eyes, Gowasu would know that Zamasu is beyond reason. wholesale replica designer handbags

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